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Shangri La Casino Network in Europe

Shangri La Casino Network in Europe Shangri La Casino is considered to be one of the best casino networks in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Four casino units are managed by Storm International of Michael Boettcher, are located in four capitals: Minsk, Yerevan, Riga and Tbilisi. Since its opening in 1992, Shangri La has been holding the mark of the most trusted, visited and luxury casinos in the CIS.

For more than one century, mankind has dreamed of a wonderful country where heavenly life would have been possible. Lost in the Himalayan heights, the country of Shangri La is the nominal name of a dream, utopia and eternal bliss. This mysterious word became the name for the VIP casino network.

Shangri La became the first casino in the CIS, with comparable quality to American counterparts in the interior, quality of service and guest satisfaction. Here, for the first time in the CIS, a lottery was held with a prize fund equivalent to $1,000,000. After the closure of the Russia casinos due to legislation change in 2009, and because of the creation of recreational zones in Russia, the development of network units in other countries has begun.

Gambling houses operating today are known not only for their great design, but also for their generous gifts and sweepstakes and impeccable service. Every week, lotteries are held for players at the tables and slot machine. The prize pools of weekend lotters is in tens of thousands of euros every time with one big monthly lottery in hundreds of thousands in prizes.

All Shangri La casinos are located in separate buildings or in 5-star hotels. They are VIP-niche-oriented and offer a high level of service. Common halls, lounge zones, slot halls are allocated in all units. In Minsk and Yerevan casinos, there are restaurants with an author’s cuisine offering an exclusive menu and special dishes.

Themed parties with performances by artists are an attractive brand feature. Every weekend in any casino you can see a great entertainment show and a lottery.

Wonderful singers, dancers, illusionists and showmen perform for the guests with a different show every weekend. And best of all, without additional expenses it is easy to win a jackpot – you get tickets to the lottery for your regular play.

Once a season, in all of Shangri La, Darren Keane, the company Chief Executive Officer said, you can win some very special prizes. For example, in Tbilisi, the lucky player became the owner of Maserati, in Minsk another lucky man got a snowmobile, and in SL Casino Riga a magnificent Harley Davidson was at stake.
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